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0000451aMuleMiscpublic2005-05-23 19:102005-12-09 23:48
philippe landau 
0000451: memory leak
after a day of use, and when downloads start to work well, memory increases so much that the harddisks are paging without interruption. when i close aMule then, it takes about 10 minutes, during which virtual memory use by aMule increases from 300 MB to over 3 GB, until aMule quits without error. i have 500 MB RAM and 2 GB swap space, using Mandriva LE2005 PLF-aMule.

kind regards philippe
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related to 0000455closed  Memory usage grows up indefinitely. 
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2005-05-26 01:46   
wx bug...
2005-07-15 14:14   
As kry said, this is a problem with wxGTK. I'd recommend that you reinstall a copy of wxGTK using GTK1, since GTK2 is yet not completly ready for prime time in any version of wxGTK.
philippe landau   
2005-09-10 17:52   
i am a user and have no way to change the wxGTK.
however, AndyRTR said he is ready to try to make a new package.
i hope you can guide him through it.
2005-11-13 19:02   
With aMule-CVS-2005-10-22 source code from amule homepage compiled with libwxgtk 2.6.2-1 from debian package repository the memory gets eaten up (from 47 to 77 MB of 92 MB RAM in 48h, then slower decreasing free memory until crash after some days).

With aMule-2.0.3 source code from amule homepage compiled with the same libwxgtk 2.6.2-1 from debian package repository the memory usage is stable low at 32 MB of 92 MB RAM.
2005-12-02 10:12   
Same problem with cvs-2005-11-30.
There is a thread in forum about it: [^]
2005-12-09 23:48   
Seems to be fixed. A different issue is not being dealt with on forum.