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0000460aMuleMessagespublic2005-05-29 17:262008-07-02 11:46
0000460: Amule craches smb4k client
Each time I connect amule i get this message =
Failed to get file system statistics (erreur 5 : Input/output error)
I use samba because all the temp and incoming files must go on an XP machine, the problem occurs as soon as I start Amarok in radio streaming... kind of weird, i tried to figure out the all last night, in vain, that's why I decided to post here, and now I have to take a nap ;-|
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2005-05-29 17:39   
The problem not only occurs when starting amarok, I just tried and wait a couple minutes without amarok and it crashed. but no message this time, no web/smb connection at all untill I kill emule process, and after 30-45 seconds smb4k shares are up again
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2005-11-24 16:50   
Does this problem still occur?