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0000047aMuleSearchpublic2004-05-16 10:442004-07-18 14:40
x86Linux Slackware (-current)2.4.27
0000047: aMule crashes after lots of downloads beginned
If you try doing multiple searches, and you begin downloading much things sequencially, aMule crashes. I attached the backtrace with gdb.
Let connect to a server, then search for something. Add to the download queue many files. On my pc after 10-15 files added, amule crashes.
I dunno if this is a problem of mine or is a amule global problem, but I heard of someone that has my same problem. In attachment you'll find the gdb backtrace.
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? amule-2.0.0-rc3.bktr (5,377) 2004-05-16 10:44
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2004-05-27 00:29   
I've experienced this several times as well. Happens pretty randomly for me.
2004-07-18 14:40   
Fixed on rc4 (RSB)