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0000475aMuleMiscpublic2005-06-10 18:372008-07-14 14:55
0000475: [Mac] Link Handler fails if link is too long
If the link pasted into the Link Handler is so long that it is wrapped to 2 lines, aMule won't accept it as a valid ed2k link.
Pasting the link with a smaller font size (so it fits on one line) helps, so the problem is the line wrapping, not the link.

BTW: The Link Handler looks like a Drop-Down, but it really is a Rich Text Edit. So the Drop-Down Button should be a Scroll Bar instead...
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2005-07-14 22:32   
i found this problem when pasting into the field in the search tab. pasting the same link in the transfers fields works.
2008-07-14 14:55   
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