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0000477aMuleTransferpublic2005-06-14 23:352005-12-09 13:49
0000477: If HD gets full, aMule can't resume unfinished download (now with free space)
If HD gets full, after making free space avilable, aMule can't resume that unfinished download.

Full Report:
It stopped when the HD got full, after that I free'd some space, but on the UI, the resume options is shaded(not available). I also tried from amulecmd with 'resume all' but still that download is on stopped state.
The only way I can make that download finish is by restarting aMule.
My CVS Snapshot is dated 4th May
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2005-06-15 01:11   
(edited on: 2005-06-15 01:12)
After submitting this bug, I kept aMule running, and another download finished. Since now there was free space it fully saved the complete file to HD, but the one that stopped because of my previous full HD is still stopped... For that file, aMule doesn't know that there's free space now...

edited on: 06-15-05 01:12
2005-06-17 23:14   
is the bug still present in the current cvs? cvs dated may 4th is not recent enough for bug reports.
2005-06-17 23:18   
It's present on current CVS. Has been there for a lot of time.
2005-06-20 22:54   
should be fixed now.
2005-06-21 00:40   
Well, I just compiled the snap from 20th this month, it's fixed on this one or on the one from 21st?

I need to know to make that HD full again to try it...
2005-06-21 01:09   
the one from 2005-06-21. by the way if you free up the space and don't resume files manually they should resume automatically after about a minute. please test that too.
2005-12-09 13:49   
Should be fixed. Feel free to reopen if there are still problems.