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0000506aMuleMiscpublic2005-07-21 13:352005-11-14 21:07
0000506: aMule doesn't handle multiple sources given in ed2k link
According to [^] there is a way to specify the source(s) where the file can be found.
First, it seems like the spec is missing something - before "sources," you habe to put a "/" delimeter.
Second, I didn't find a way to specify more than one source. So I had to change the code to do that. It seems like there is a bug in ED2KLink.cpp, where the sources loop is found.
I can offer a fix for that, but I'm not sure if I understood the spec correctly. My fix is using a more reasonable format.
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2005-11-14 21:07   
The ED2KLink classes have been reworked, and multiple sources in file-links work now. I have also updated the description on the wiki-page, and should that not be enough, you can always change it. ;)