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0000549aMuleMulti Platformpublic2005-08-29 07:322005-10-24 11:11
0000549: Windows: aMule crashes on every start because of failure on amuleDlg's SetSize()
In amule.conf, [Razor_Preferences]/MAIN_X_SIZE= can only be set to 0 or left blank. Any other value will make aMule crash at startup.

Since aMule sets this item to a non-0 value every time it is closed, it is only runnable the first time it is executed (because there is no amule.conf yet :))

The problem is SetSize(), it crash. The reason why it won't crash when using 0 or left blank (which defaults to 0) is that the code does something like:

if (x > 0 && y > 0) SetSize(x,y);

So, when it's 0, it doesn't use SetSize().

The code is at src/amuleDlg.cpp
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duplicate of 0000420resolved GonoszTopi Crashes in Windows at startup. 
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2005-08-29 10:19   
I've been testing and the only values that seem not to crash it are (800,600) (my desktop resolution is 1024x768, but as far as I can tell, this doesn't matter)
2005-08-29 16:02 [^] is a duplicate of this bug
2005-08-31 21:19   
Works perfect on any resolution here.
2005-10-24 11:11   
Closing since it's a dup.