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0000557aMuleMulti Platformpublic2005-08-29 09:382005-09-30 14:14
0000557: Windows: Configuration files' path should be moved.
Configuration files' path is non compliant with Windows' nameing rules, since no file or directory can begin with a dot.

Additionally, birk said at forums ( [^] ): "[...] why are many of the important files (even temp and incoming files) stored at in a folder under documents & settings instead of a folder under the aMule install folder? [...] eMule is known for being a program you can move around and splitting files up in different folders is a bad idea I think."

I don't agree with birk, but I guess that's something that should be discussed.
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2005-09-03 18:30   
I also do not agree with birk, see my reply to the thread.