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0000560aMuleFeature Requestpublic2005-08-29 11:392005-08-31 23:59
0000560: aMuleWebDLG and aMuleCMDDLG do not report version
aMuleWebDLG and aMuleCMDDLG do not report version in the About box. This is essential since both aMule and aMule{web|cmd} must be the very same version to contact each other.

It would be even better if all amule{Web|CMD}{DLG|non-DLG} CVS reported alse the CVS date in the same way aMule's About box does.
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diff svn_revisions_dlg.diff (1,645) 2005-08-31 23:56
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2005-08-31 23:57   
With the attached diff amulewebDLG and amulecmdDLG now show the version number in the "about" box on release versions and the CVSDATE on SVN snapshots.