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0000599aMuleMulti Platformpublic2005-10-17 18:262005-11-22 18:38
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0000599: About Chinese support
If your shared file named use chinese ,In v2.0.3 It's Can't to display.
see it!

i have working MDK 2006.1(cooker) with laster updates.
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2005-10-17 18:39   
Please Delete snap.png,Sorry.
2005-10-17 23:25   
(edited on: 2005-10-17 23:26)
I deleted both images. Please upload a new image with all the file names made unreadable, except for the one (or more) that shows the problem. This file must not fall under any copyright law that prohibits sharing it freely.

Btw, I have files with Japanese file names, and they're shown correctly. If you started a download with Chinese characters in the file name with a non-Unicode enabled version of aMule, and then switch to a Unicode enabled version, file names may be displayed incorrectly. And also the other way around.

edited on: 10-17-05 23:26
2005-10-18 04:38   
Hi GonoszTopi thanks for your report.
I have using unicode version of aMule 2.0.3.
2005-10-23 09:18   
have you set LANG= environmental variable to your locale?
for example, for spanish, LANG=es_ES.UTF-8
2005-11-15 00:16   
Removed attachments. No piracy here please.
2005-11-22 18:38   

I bet you're using a non-unicode build. Just use a unicode one and it'll be ok.