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0000061aMuleMiscpublic2004-06-04 17:502005-02-07 05:29
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0000061: minimizes on virtual desktop change (2.0.0rc3 on kde 3.2.2)
When changing virtual desktops on kde 3.2.2, the amule window is minimized (to the tray icon).
I would expect the amule window to stay open.

I have "Minimize to trayicon" checked and "Systray integration" set to kde 3.x.
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2004-06-05 00:45   
This has been a known bug for several releases (since v2-rc1 IIRC) and has been known to be un-fixable :-( It is named DISP.16
If you get any ideas to fix it, just tell!