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0000613: aMule doesn't remember the size of the window when minimized
1) I set the window at the maximum size
2) I minimize aMule
3) I open the window
---> the window is not set at her maximum size and it goes a little out of the screen.
Ubuntu breezy 5.10
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png size_window.png (167,271) 2005-10-24 20:33

png good_max_size.png (164,162) 2005-10-24 21:02
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2005-10-24 21:24   
I use amuled anda mulegui in two separate computers using Gentoo Linux.

Amulegui 2.0.3 don't have this problem in my system.

My system config is: xorg-x11-6.8.2-r4
Kernel 2.6.12-gentoo-r9
ATI free drivers (version included with kernel)
Radeon 9200 graphics card

This issue may be related to other destop (Gnome, KDE, etc) or with the amule monolithic aplication.
2005-10-24 21:31   
In the computer where amulegui is installed, amule monolithic aplication is also installed (i not use it) and also don't have this problem.

Try another destop, if possible.
2005-10-24 21:38   
Yes I use Gnome 2.12, but I don't have other desktop installed. I ask at kunbuntu (KDE) users. I give some news as soon as possible.
2005-10-24 21:40   
Edit: when I say 'minimize' I mean in the notification zone (kind of tray bar in windows).
2005-10-24 21:57   
┬┐Amule is the only program with this problem? Try if anothers aplications in your system do the same.
2005-10-24 22:31   
Sorry, I didn't have any other application in the notification area. I've just isntalled gaim and I have the same trouble.
So i think it comes with the notification application or with Gnome (maybe both :-))

You can delete this bug report.
Thank you.
2005-10-24 22:45   
Reminder sent to bluetux, xmartin