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0000628aMuleExternal Connpublic2005-10-30 12:132005-11-27 22:08
0000628: Content-Length sent by amuleweb is missing the last byte
This is not visible when you connect directly with most webbrowsers to amuleweb, but if you have amuleweb somewhere behind a firewall and let it go out through mod_proxy of an apache 2.0 you could see the bug clearly, because apache cancels all bytes after the content-length is reached.

The bug seems to be not problem of the byte counting, more the cariage-returns at the end of the header lines. If you show the source of the HTML pages, amuleweb generates, you see an additional return before the "<html>" tag. mod_proxy or for example wget on the other hand strip the last bytes (because they think its behind the content-length), the pages end with "</htm".

I run amule CVS (20051024) on Linux on an EV56 alpha machine (debian).

The HTTP-RFC states that all linefeeds in the HTTP Headers must be \n\r, not mixed or anything else. Content-Length must be counted after that.

Some images sometimes appear also destroyed.
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2005-10-30 12:18   
Sorry it must be \r\n for HTTP headers, just a misspelling...
2005-10-30 13:19   
This does not appear in the PHP templates. It would be good to have a option to supply amuled or the config file amule.conf with the template name that the automatic start of amuleweb can get the correct template name.
2005-10-30 18:23   
With the PHP amule web part (with or without zlib enabled) the problem occurs sometimes, too. Aditionally sometimes garbage is appended to the end of the sent file.
2005-11-27 22:08   
A fix has been committed for this. Please let us know if you still experience the problem.