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0000651aMuleMiscpublic2005-11-14 11:192008-02-26 16:23
0000651: Wrong expansion in statistics
When expanding any client in Statistics -> Clients, since since some months ago CVS sorts clients by most popular, if the clinents are resorted then the expanded clients comes to be the one to take the possition that was taking the expanded client.

+ Clients
  + eMule: 10
    0.46a: 2
    0.44b: 3
  eMule plus: 9
  aMule: 6

Now clients are updated and resorted. eMule plus has now more clients than eMule so it goes to n1:

+ Clients
  + eMule+: 11
    1.11f: 5
    1.1: 3
  eMule: 10
  aMule: 7

When, instead, we would like to have eMule expanded since that's what we set to expand.

Be carefull also with aMule since it has sub expansions (version and OS)
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