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0000657aMuleFeature Requestpublic2005-11-17 03:402008-07-02 11:46
0000657: move servers reset log button
servers reset log button is too big so looks horrible in some platforms.

I suggest moving it to a typical horitzontal button right above the log, by the tabs (but aligned to the right.

It should be enable(false) when tabbing ed2k/kad status
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2005-11-17 11:57   
actually, i've been taking a look at this and i think it would be beter not to have it by the tabs, but aligned to the right.

Also i think the "clear completed" and "reload shares" buttons would look better aligned to the right.
2005-11-17 17:28   
I made the log button that big. I like it. Looks ok on linux, mac and windows afaics.
2005-11-17 18:28   
Kry, remember, it's not the size that matters. ;P
I agree Jacobo221 on the fact that it's too large, though I'm not sure if I agree with his solution.