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0000658aMuleServerspublic2005-11-17 11:342005-12-09 23:44
0000658: connect/disconnect buttons ambiguous
I've heard from people that the Kad connect button is hard to understand for new users.

I propose changing the two kad buttons "disconect" and "bootstrap..." into a single one which connects and disconnects (swpaing its text, of course).

In the servers tab, there's the disconnect button but no "connect" button. Ok, dblclick on server, but just swapping that button into a "connect to any server" when ed2k is disconnected would make it better ;)
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related to 0000659resolved Xaignar disconnect button might not disconnect kad and block it's function 
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2005-11-17 17:38   
I don't think so. Bottstrap is bootstrap. Disconnect is disconnect. I don't like morphing buttons, except when space is needed, and it isn't now.
2005-11-17 18:50   
what i mean is that it leads to missunderstanding. ok, so no merge, just disable bootstrap when online and disable disconnect when offline.

Also, what about the ed2k button?
2005-11-19 08:11   
The ed2k button is the same. We already have the functionality of clicking a server.
2005-11-20 15:56   
i still think it is pretty much more intuitive to convert the disconnect button into "connect to ANY server".
2005-11-20 22:28   
I think I said I hate morphing buttons?

you can do a poll on that... I won't change my mind unless a vest majority of the people want to change it.
2005-12-09 23:44