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0000066aMuleTransferpublic2004-06-11 17:172005-01-16 17:41
0000066: Stops uploading when no disk free
When there's no disk free (or less than min_disk_free) the upload queue is not refreshed anymore, so clients on the upload queue will continue to win score and positions and upload if they get o upload, but once the last one has compelted the chunk (or disconnected), no one else will upload.
I mean the _upload queue_, not the currently uploading clients.
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2004-09-16 01:59   
So no clients are added to queue when no diskspace. Will check it.
2004-10-26 22:56   
The last time I had files paused due to lack of space, aMule continued to upload just fine. Can anyone confirm that this issue still exists?
2005-01-16 17:41   
Can't reproduce, closing.