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0000693aMuleMessagespublic2005-12-07 00:152005-12-09 03:26
0000693: username magically removed from tab text in Messages window
If you open a chat tab with a client and that client goes offline (uhm, is removed from the UpDownClients queue), the username will be removed from the chat tab, leaveing no text in the tab (i'm talking about the tab header, not the tab chat dialog), so only the friend/close icon remains.

Also, same bug as the Search tabs: close buttons are almost unreachable when tabs do not fit window

Plus, another new one: when tabs do not fit window, the more tabs, the more space there is between the icon and the text in the tabs.
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2005-12-08 15:46   
Fixed the name bug. The others are wx bugs.
2005-12-09 03:16   
close this bug as fixed caignar, and again: thanks ;)