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0000695aMuleExternal Connpublic2005-12-07 10:232005-12-09 00:02
0000695: broken link in Shared Files' context menu
The Copy ed2k link to clipboard (Hostname) item is broken. If aMule is unable ot resolve the hostname it will copy to clipboard something like this:

ed2k://|file|test.txt|868|A6D0278C29762F9F4BACAAAAA74F99DA|/|sources,:33331|/ [^]

which, as you can see, lacks the IP (or hostname) in the source field. The link is, so, broken, as you can test by adding it to the links hanlder.
I propose to disable it (turn it grey and unclickable :-P) when hstname cannot be resolved.
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