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0000070aMuleMiscpublic2004-06-17 20:112004-09-16 01:55
0000070: shared files don't appear in shared list
Some files spread over several folders simply don't appear as shared files anymore. Pressing "reload" does not help.Other files in the same folders do show as shared files.

All that was ok at one time. First noticed the problem after renaming (eliminatings blanks in names) and moving some files around.

I reset all file and folder permissions to be equal. No influence. The actual filecount has dropped appropriately.

Unsharing/re-sharing the folder does not help.

Moving (mv) one of the not showing files to another folder also has no influence.
- slackware 9.1
- amule runs as specific user/group
- files are rw only for that user
- directories are rwx for only that user
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2004-06-17 20:22   
forgot to say its AppVersion=aMule 2.0.0rc3
2004-06-22 12:02   
restarting amule/ rebooting did not change the situation.
Hiding of known.met did trigger a rehashing and the files appeared again.
2004-06-23 11:34   
Known bug, will be looking at it.
2004-09-16 01:55   
This need_to_rehash bug has been fixed and was related to some changes on known.met structure and duplicates handling.