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0000705: servers connection cancel button
First, an easy one: "Disconnect" button in networks window doesn't cancel server connection attempts. I mean, if I am still connecting to a server (not yet connected), it doesn't cancel the connection attempt.

Now the big one: To cancel a server connection attempt through the Connect/Cancel/Disconnect toolbar, I must click it twice or even three times. It is not that I am not patient and go clicking it. It is that normally, the first click seems to be ignored, the second clikc is trapped but aMule attempts to connect to another server, and the third click finally cancels the connection attempt. Not sure about this, but it definitely takes two/three clicks to cancel connection attempt.
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duplicate of 0000704resolved Kry servers connection cancel button 
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close it, duplicate 0000704. Firefox didn't refresh the page so I clicked submit button again :/