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0000724aMuleSearchpublic2005-12-13 10:462005-12-17 11:48
0000724: impossible to redownload completed files
I read a post in forums about a guy asking how to redownload a file which had already been completly downloaded. I thought he was jsut being stupid.

But I have just noticed that if a file has been completed (tehrefore, marked green in search results), double-clicking it (or clicking the do2nload button, or whatever) will not add it back into the download queue. nor will it mark it red either, of course.
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2005-12-13 11:11   
This is because of Xaignar's patch for preventing searches being aded twice. But it should not apply when comming to already completly downloaded files sicne you might want to redownload them.

Of course, removing the file from the Incoming dir AND refreshing the shared files does the trick, but that's not the intuitive way I believe ;)