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0000730aMulePreferencespublic2005-12-14 05:552005-12-14 06:39
0000730: statistics connections graph Range requires restart
Following the fuzzyness in Prefs, the statistics connections graph Range isn't updated right after acceppting prefs changes, instead it requires restarting
Also, as a side note, I consider it is fuzzy to have some options in Preferences to apply inmediatly (systray integration, toolbar possition) and other not.

I already talked this with Kry so I know he doesn't agree, and I can see his point. I just want to know what other people think about this other issue also (without opening another bug report)
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My point is: consider doing a GUI change (like toolbar), clicking ok, doesn't like it, click preferences, change it again, click ok. VS click it, don't like it, click again.
2005-12-14 06:39   
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Author: kry
Date: 2005-12-14 06:56:49 +0100 (Wed, 14 Dec 2005)