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0000738aMuleFeature Requestpublic2005-12-19 10:382006-03-21 09:57
0000738: Set search type to KAD if only KAD is selected as usable networks in settings
I run 2 kad-only CVS amule's (on diff. pc's) - and everytime the program restarts the search type is set to ed2k while it already knows I'm only going to connent to kad

Now I'd like to see it set to kad on startup if only the kad network is turned on in the settings.

Thank you :)
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patch aMule-CVS-20060105-kadsearch.patch (935) 2006-01-05 15:23
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2005-12-19 12:54   
It would be nice too if that selection box remembered last search type used in last session.
If I never use "Local search", it isn't cool to change search type every time I restart aMule.

edited on: 12-19-05 12:54
2005-12-23 16:33   
That'll never happen raziel, for the simple reason that global search/kad search stresses servers and peers too much. Default should be local, always.
2006-01-05 15:29   
I've made a patch myself - I used the latest CVS version (aMule-CVS-20060105.tar.bz2) from [^] . It selects 'local search' if the ED2K network is enabled, and it selects Kad otherwise

(well really it selects the third search method, I'm not sure if I had to use SetStringSelection with "Kad" as parameter, but since the old file used SetSelection to set the search to 'local search' I've used that too)

Hoping you can use it,


2006-03-21 09:57   
Fixed with added sanity.

    // Sanity sanity
    wxASSERT(CastChild( ID_SEARCHTYPE, wxChoice )->GetString(0) == _("Local Search"));
    wxASSERT(CastChild( ID_SEARCHTYPE, wxChoice )->GetString(2) == _("Kad"));

    if (thePrefs::GetNetworkED2K()){
        CastChild( ID_SEARCHTYPE, wxChoice )->SetSelection(0);
    } else {
        CastChild( ID_SEARCHTYPE, wxChoice )->SetSelection(2);