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0000739aMuleMiscpublic2005-12-20 05:142008-07-02 11:49
0000739: quits when debug notice appears after attempt to preview
Downloading .avi files and when I attempt to preview any of these files, I get a Debug notice window, no matter which of the three choices "Yes", "No", or "Cancel" I select, Amule will quit
Apple Mac OS X 10.4.2
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2005-12-20 09:33   
What about telling us that debug notice?
2005-12-21 03:57   
Sorry, as I am such a techno nincompoop it was difficult to recall the debug notice details. These are as folows:-
Do you want to stop the program?
You can also choose [Cancel] to suppress further warnings

And the options are "No", "Cancel" and "Yes"

I also wanted to enquire if it was OK to move any part downloaded files from the "Temp" file created by aMule 2.0.3 in ".Amule" to the "Temp" file created by aMule CVS rev. 5636 in Library/Application Support/aMule

Thanks a million for taking the trouble to look into the matter
Kind Regards