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0000079aMuleMiscpublic2004-07-04 10:542004-07-18 15:12
0000079: display/buttons/console become blank after running for some time..
This may be a amd64 related bug, but here's what happens:

After amule has been running for a while (4 hours?), the console becomes blank. You can still click on the top buttons, but all you see is a solid gray bar. The 'content' windows are still displayed, but nothing is really in them.

It pretty much renders amule useless, and requires a restart.

Note that it doesn't crash or stop 'running' in anyway.
amd64 on gentoo.
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2004-07-08 01:55   
Does it keep downloading? If yes, then you probably left dome aMule window in the background or behind hte main window.
If not, then please report a backtrace in the backtraces forum.
Read this for backtrace reporting: [^]
2004-07-18 15:12   
Seems like a consequesnce of either GTK2 or RSB. Both should be ok on wx2.5.1, so I'm closing this bug.