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0000803aMuleSharedfilespublic2006-01-29 14:152006-05-24 03:52
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0000803: hashing a file twice that is added to shared files
Added a directory in options/direcories. There was one file in that new directory. Log said: "Start hashing file xy..." afterwards "finished hashing of file xy". Correct. But straight after finishing there comes the message again: "Start hashing file xy..." and looking at cpu usage it seems, that the file is really hashed a second time. I saw that some weeks ago and forgot about it. But today I recognized that again.
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2006-02-04 22:15   
Are you sure that's not MD4 first, then AICH sync?
2006-02-05 19:44   
Don't know. There was no MD4 or AICH mentioned.
2006-03-24 12:40   
Does this happen with CVS?
The mechanism for queing files for hashing has largely been rewritten and the issue, if I've pinpointed it correctly, should have been fixed.
2006-05-24 03:52   
no feedback = resolved.