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0000812aMuleExternal Connpublic2006-02-04 20:442006-03-20 13:06
0000812: amulegui: wrong ed2k ports in server list
Amulegui shows incorrect ports for some ed2k servers. Furthermore, it seems to use the incorrect port values when attempting to connect to said servers, thus making it impossible to establish the connection.
This only happens with some servers, and some times, but it's pretty frequent that I don't think you'll have trouble reproducing it. For instance, Razorback 2.0 usually is associated to a bad port number here, whereas DonkeyServer 1 is not.

Amulegui shows that razorback 2.0 is on, but amulecmd simultaneously says it's on Note that the port numbers displayed by amulegui change randomly after each reconnection to amuled.

Removing the server and adding it manually doesn't seem to help (it might be a different bug, because it doesn't look like the server is being added at all).
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2006-02-04 22:11   
EC bug caused by int sized dta, will be fixed when VBT reach EC.
2006-03-20 12:02   
Shows ok here. care to confirm on current CVS?
2006-03-20 13:06   
Fixed fixed.