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0000084aMuleMiscpublic2004-07-14 20:482004-07-31 14:59
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0000084: low ID with 2.0.0rc4 + rpm for suse 9.1
On SuSE 9.1

I removed 2.0.0rc3 wich works pretty well (excellent download) but random crashes.

with rc4 (same ports allowed in suse firewall) very hard to connect + low ID

i got amule from this site : [^]

Why this suse 9.1 rpm version is not available on
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2004-07-15 18:55   
Have you tried updating to rc4a, which fixes a problem with server-connections?

Also, I have no idea who made those rpms you are referring to, so I cant comment on that, though I will forward it to the guy responsible for packing aMule.
2004-07-31 14:59   
No replies in two weeks, closing bug.