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0000858aMuleTransferpublic2006-03-31 16:182006-05-24 04:26
0000858: kad does not reask buddy
I am connected to a dial up ISP, so I get disconnected every 24h.
when I start aMule I connect to ed2k and Kad fine.
after 24h disconnect, ed2k reconnects to ed2k and highID again, but kad reconnects but status -> firewalled.

a hit on "stop kad" and "bootstrap from known clients" sloves this problem imidiatly.
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2006-05-15 20:48   
I am only using the webinterface

and after 24h disconnect KAD doesnt reconnect it self, only when I tell him to reconnect (in the config is written Reconnect=1)

but ed2k works fine

I hope you can fix this issue soon
maybe aMule just need to lern what todo with kad when connection is lost
(sounds easy but I guess it is not)
2006-05-16 03:15   
This has nothing to do with buddy.
2006-05-24 04:26   
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