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0000086: blocklist manager integration
Do You know the fantastic blocklist manager software from on windows platform?
This excellent tool give the possibility to download from up to 15 IP filter lists such as antiP2P & peerguardian ones.
And then it compilate them in one unique list you can convert to ipfilter.dat, protowall, shorewall etc, etc...
I think if it's possible to integrate this tool, amule'll become the best emule-like client ever realised (even if it is quite already true;) and it'll be a lot more respectfull to users. But maybe it's too dangerous for you, it does not seem very easy fot the guys of think you.
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2004-07-15 23:00   
Sorry, but I'm afraid that it is neither possible nor feasible to integrate the Blocklist Manager into aMule, due to the following:
 - The Blocklist Manager is written in Visual Basic, while aMule is written in c++, thus a total rewrite would most likely be needed.
 - The Blocklist Manager does not appear to be Open Source, and therefore it is impossible to easily copy its functionality.
- Such a program should be a separate utility rather than integrated into aMule. Just like we don't have a IRC client in aMule. We wont add this except maybe in a severely reduced form.

-- Xaignar