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0000860aMuleFeature Requestpublic2006-04-03 19:152008-07-14 17:34
0000860: Better download overview by altering css+html
When the browser has a moderate big width/height, it is hard to find the right action button for a file in the download list. I'd like to see a change of the Chicane layout to make it easier.
Because it was hard for me to find the right action (pause, cancel) button with files on the download page, I made an adjustment to the Chicane template so there is a much better overview.

Screenshot of my version: [^]

Files I edited to achieve this:


Because I had to change the background of a specific, entire line, I've slightly modified the CSS:
  Added an element called .down-actions, for the buttons
  Added an element called .down-line-hilight, for the background color of the hilighted lines
  Removed the background colours from the .down-line, .down-line-good, .down-line-left, .down-line-good-left,
.down-line-right, .down-line-good-right elements. They now inherit the background from the <tr> they're in

To use this new CSS, I had to change the HTML too:
  The <tr> used for every line now has a class, down-line or down-line-hilight
  The <td valign=middle class="down-line"> now has NO class anymore, since the background colour is inherited from the <tr>
  The <td valign=top class="down-line"> changed to <td valign=top class="down-actions">, so the buttons line out as they did before


Since I couldn't figure out how to use the modulo function in the template (6%3 returns nothing, functions mod and modulo didn't exist) I hacked one in myself. It's function php_native_modulo in the php_core_lib.cpp file, it can be used inside php by doing calling modulo(<int 1>,<int 2>) - it will return the result.
After some testing I figured out my function will for the range -2147483647 to 2147483647 (can't make int's bigger in the .php file), on division by 0 it will throw an PHP error. I do not guantee in any way that this function actually works OK - C programming isn't my forté

By changing the modulo parameters it's easy to colour different lines. I myself like 6,3 best (see first screen shot), another example using 4,1: [^]

I've only implemented this on the download page, and only for the downloaded files. It might be useful to implement it in other places too (server list, shared files, upload part of the downloads.php). If you want to implement this feature, and would like to see it on those pages too I am willing to update those files for you :)

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patch chicane.downloadlines.patch (4,785) 2006-04-03 19:15
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2006-04-04 01:18   

On line 52 of the patch:

+ if (modulo($filenumber, 6) < 1) {

should be

+ if (modulo($filenumber, 6) < 3) {

for the effect shown in the first screen shot