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0000896aMuleSearchpublic2006-05-19 22:332008-02-24 01:38
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0000896: Closing tabs doesn't work
When you right click on a tab to close it, the tab right before it immediately becomes selected, which means that you can't close the right-most tab, and you aren't closing the tab you clicked on.
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2006-05-21 12:00   
(edited on: 2006-05-21 12:02)
I found something similar in the searches part of amule : when many searches are performed and their tabs aren't closed, there is a moment where arrays appear at both sides of the tabs, enabling scrolling between them (this is the OK part). It is impossible to close a search tab by clicking on the "close-tab-cross " : the tab is selected, but it won't close.
I have to mention that a "right-click > close tab" on the tab one want to close works perfectly, though.

randrews, what tabs are you writing about ? The search ones i wrote about, or the download ones (i didn't test them, maybe there is the same problem) ?

edited on: 05-21-06 12:02
2006-05-21 18:54   
It's an wxWidgets bug and works with wxCVS
2006-05-21 20:44   
Ah, sounds like we have to down-upgrade to a bleeding cutting-edge unstable distro ?! Or just wait for the next stable Debian...
2006-05-22 03:16   
Whatever you do, it's not aMule's fault.
2008-02-24 01:38   
As mentioned, not a bug in aMule.