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Debian Sarge 3.1r2 up-to-date (or should be)
0000897: AICH-Hasher complains about known2.met during startup
Hi there,

I have strange behavior at startup since i upgraded to 2.1.1 (was amule CVS, 2.0.3 if i remember). After amule connected to a server, some messages concerning AICH appear (approximately, since it is translated from french) :

- AICH Thread: the known files masterhashes have been loaded.
- AICH Thread: Starting hash: 'N' files found.
- AICH Thread: Hash of file 'Whatever1.file', 3 more files
- SHAHashSet: Error: /home/myuser/.aMule/known2.met (bold)
- AICH-Hasher: Failed to save AICH Hashset! (bold)
- AICH Thread: Hash of file 'Whatever2.file', 2 more files
- SHAHashSet: Error: /home/myuser/.aMule/known2.met (bold)
- AICH-Hasher: Failed to save AICH Hashset! (bold)

... and so on, with two more files. BTW, those files are medium-sized, about 10 MB.

Following messages are :
- AICH Thread : hash finished
- AICH Thread : finished
- SHAHashSet: Error: /home/myuser/.aMule/known2.met (bold)
- Hasher: Warning, failed to save AICH hashset for file: Whatever0.file (bold)
- Hasher: hash finished for file : Whatever0.file
- Hasher: no more files in queue, ending thread
- Hasher: a thread is dead

Whatever0.file weights about 350 MB.
Following this first hash step, a syncronization thread starts, and AICH thread tries a second time to hash every 5 files mentionned above, with no more success (?) since it complains about known2.met.

known2.met had permissions 775, i changed them to 777, but the errors remain (not surprinsingly). Googling a few, i found a page mentionning that known2.met has to be locked by the hasher, and so it seems to me this file can't be locked ?

Plase let me know if i can do anything to help on this (apart coding, of course)

Thanks for your attention,

amule 2.1.1 using wxGTK2 v2.6.2 (Unicoded)
Linux 2.6.10-grsec i686
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2006-05-21 18:55   
tried removing it? And btw, do you ahve disk space?
2006-05-21 20:37   
Hi again,

Thanks for your answer Kry.

About removing it, i was guessing what exactly (since i found many answers) was the function of known2.met. I just don't want to lose the "what did i downloaded" history, since some new searches may rise files i already downloaded (ya know, those green-fonted lines, that i really don't want to download again).

The files weights a woopy 138 MB, maybe it is too much to fight for aMule ?

Thanks in advance for any answer !
2006-05-21 20:40   
Woops, about your question : "do i have disk space ?"

Yes, my .aMule directory is on the same partition as the "Incoming" one. It may be a bad idea, since the amule crash i also reported when there's no space left may be attributed to that (but i'm not sure, since 2.0.3 wasn't affected by this "no more space" issue).
2006-05-21 20:41   
ARRGHHH, will i answer to your question ?

Yes : i have some spae left, something like 2.5 GB. Should be enough, shouldn't it ?
2006-05-22 12:29   
It's me again ("argh, no !!" may you thought)

Forget my question concerning known2.met. I finally found the amule page about AICH, and that known2.met actually stores the completed files AICH hashets. I then deleted it and restarted amule : no more errors with that file.

Since there is no clue about what caused the problem (i suspect 138 MB is quite large for that file, maybe amule can't deal with big sizes ?), i suggest moving this issue to "resolved".
2006-05-22 15:48   
We may never find out...