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0000091aMuleFeature Requestpublic2004-07-19 01:132004-08-07 14:19
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0000091: wrong crypto++ headers style with crypto++ 5.2
on gentoo system with crypto++ 5.2 configure detects "
Crypto++ library/headers style? mdk_suse_fc"
instead of gentoo_debian, and in compilation between gcc options there is "-D__CRYPTO_MDK_SUSE_FC__". This isn't a problem, because by default gentoo install libcrypto++.a with a symlink named libcryptopp.a and everything works, but it shouldn't require too much time to fix it.
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2004-08-07 14:19   
We are in the middle of pulling the parts of Crypto++ that we need into the aMule codebase, so Crypto++ wont be a dependancy in the future and we wont have to worry about include paths. ;)