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0000093aMuleSearchpublic2004-07-19 04:522004-07-31 15:09
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0000093: weird gtk objets
in the search 'tab', the two bottom 'edonkey2k links' managing buttons are missing, because they moved in the top of the screen.
It appeared dunno when. Now it's there. and even with a new aMule-2.0.0rc5 install. You will probably know where to look at to fix it, and if you'r sure what I should do, please tell me :) thx cya bbye
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jpg bug-amule-edk2links.jpg (62,994) 2004-07-19 04:52
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2004-07-31 15:09   
This is not a bug. You've just disabled the Fast ED2k URL handler. To re-enable it, open the Preferences dialog. The setting can be found under the "GUI Tweaks" tab.