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0000936aMuleMulti Platformpublic2006-07-18 13:072008-02-24 01:33
Windows XP
0000936: aMuleGUI toolbar flickers badly (blinking) on Windows
Seems that every update to the GUI is triggering whole application window update which is causing on Windows (WinXP) upper application toolbar blinking all the time, which is simply very annoying when using aMule GUI application.

Please trigger only certain objects update to reload, or wxWindow::Freeze the toolbar on update.
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related to 0000937resolved Kry Remove upper menu divider from aMuleGUI's toolbar, since there's no menu. 
patch aMule_blinking_toolbar_kadoldval_plus_remove_divider.patch (668) 2006-07-22 20:53
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2006-07-22 20:55   
This badly blinking was because LastKadState was not stored in CamuleDlg::ShowConnectionState() therefore toolbar was all the time getting updated even there was to reason to do it.

Attached patch that fixes that and also removed divider as descibed in: [^]
2006-07-26 04:21   
Nice. Will apply later.
2006-07-29 17:36   
K. both applied and committed to SVN. Will not close yet as I should backport to 2.1.x branch.
2008-02-24 01:33   
I'm marking this as resolved, as we there wont be any backporting to 2.1.x.