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0000954aMuleServerspublic2006-08-29 01:172006-09-09 17:06
0000954: amule now filters servers, not only connections
Previously aMule used the filtering table (ipfilter.dat) only to filter client connections. You could thus setup a filter to block only clients, but still connect to servers within the blocked range. Now aMule no longer allows that, and for me that is a regression.
Please note that in certain backwards countries (such as Portugal) we have severe traffic limits for "international traffic" (i.e. going to outside the country). In these cases, people use the filtering functionality not for security reasons but merely to restrict data transfer to clients within the same geographical region. But we don't have any emule server in Portugal, and usually connect to international ones, since the amount of traffic between client and server is very small.
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Added ability to turn IPFilter on/off for clients/servers independently.