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0000735aMuleMiscpublic2005-12-15 00:512008-07-14 15:36
0000735: "0 sec" graph update interval inconsistency
with this setting graphs are update at 1 sec interval.
either the range should begin with 1, either the 0 sec setting should disable the graph update
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2005-12-15 00:58   
this only happens on kad graph
2005-12-15 10:46   
this bug seems to grow. on today's snapshot this issue affects every graph.

Another related problem: when i change the update interval the graph is scaled "on the fly", but keeps being updated at the same rate until you click "oK".
If you click "Cancel" the graph is not redrawn, the slider is not repositioned to the old setting, but graphs keeps being updated with the old interval.
2005-12-21 01:39   
Should work now. I've dropped the "dynamic" changes to the graph made while the prefs-dialog is up, since it makes a number of things needlessly complicated and runs counter to the normal usage of the dialog.
2005-12-21 15:54   
Fix bugs instead of reverting, or discuss the reverts. If you feel uneasy by this changes, assign them to me.