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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00010842   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Kry)2010-10-24show progress bar of completing/verifying download file
  000088261 Transferminorclosed (Kry)2010-10-24amulegui: shown download rates much too high
  0001633    GUIcrashresolved (sturedman)2010-10-14crash after shared file is removed
  00016341   GUIminorresolved (GonoszTopi)2010-10-14utf8 is not recognized by IE
  00015112   External Connminorresolved (sturedman)2010-10-09amulegui: 'Complete Sources' column in 'Shared Files' tab
  00016321   Transferminorclosed2010-10-09download not starting
  0001629    Transferminornew2010-10-03Memory exhaustion on network disconnect
  00016271   External Connminorclosed (sturedman)2010-09-29Transfer of logfile to remote gui blocks commands
  000162811 Misccrashclosed2010-09-22crash during the close of aMule
  00016261   Miscminorclosed2010-09-18unexpected crash of amule 2.2.6
  00016241   Miscmajorresolved (sturedman)2010-09-12net-p2p/amule-2.2.6 - wxcasframe.cpp:292:58: error: cannot call constructor 'wxFont::wxFont' directly
  00016221   External Conncrashclosed2010-09-04aMule crashes on startup with Gdk-ERROR: 'BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)'
  00016213   Miscmajorresolved (GonoszTopi)2010-08-28ed2k links containing unicode characters will cause the filename to be truncated.
  00016201   GUIminornew2010-08-23Event command does nothing
  000155921 Transfermajorclosed2010-08-20aMule rejects any given TCP port as "unavailable"
  00016171   Sharedfilesfeatureclosed2010-08-08share directory on external disk isn't persistent
  00016111   GUIcrashclosed2010-08-08GUI randomly closes
  00016151   Sharedfilestextclosed2010-08-08make statistics section on Shared Files page clearer
  00016121   GUIminorclosed2010-08-08error when scrolling download list
  00016142   Miscminorresolved (sturedman)2010-08-08aMule doesn't build when using gcc-4.5
  00016181   Preferencesfeatureclosed2010-08-07Disable NewVersionCheck by Default
  00016191   Searchminorresolved (sturedman)2010-08-07mp4 files get filed under "audio" while it's "video"
  00016161   Feature Requestminorclosed2010-08-07leave completed files in the Transfer page even after restart
  00014581   Miscminorfeedback (phoenix)2010-07-14"mark as known" function
  000158331 Preferencescrashresolved (sturedman)2010-07-13amule fails to start if "AutoConnectStaticOnly=1"
  000074321 External Connminoracknowledged2010-07-13Only one ed2k -link can be added on amulweb
  00012693   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2010-07-13Mantis is not happy when I added a note
  0001358    External Conncrashclosed2010-07-13crash when a message is received
  0001395 1 GUIminorclosed2010-07-13Parts Bar not green once a file completes
  00013912   GUIminorresolved (sturedman)2010-07-10Connect at startup and the connect button
  00015553   Miscminorclosed2010-07-10Make fails: UPnPBase.cpp
  00013803   GUIminorclosed2010-07-10ed2k link always convert space to %20 on copy
  00013791   GUIminorclosed2010-07-09auto-sort ignored even for new files (regression)
  00013821   Messagescrashclosed2010-07-09Amule crashes when determinate message is recived
  00013371   Transfermajorresolved (sturedman)2010-07-07If MinFreeDiskSpace is reached, some files pause some Erroneous
  00013882   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2010-07-07 [^] returns sql error on adding notes
  0001402    GUIminorclosed2010-07-07filename characters irrecognizable
  00013993   GUIfeatureclosed2010-07-07provide move file feature
  00014221   External Conncrashclosed2010-07-06aMule 2.2.2 for Ubuntu Hardy 64 crashes
  00010311   Miscminorassigned (GonoszTopi)2010-07-06Imported partfiles show erroneous compression gain
  0001434    GUIminorresolved (Kry)2010-07-06shared files: statistics: don't update when files removed from the selection
  000120181 Misctweakresolved (GonoszTopi)2010-07-06Auto-sort download queue causes problems on Mac
  00014661   GUIminorclosed2010-07-06when double clicking on a download, Your own client is listed twice there
  00014918   Miscmajorresolved (GonoszTopi)2010-07-06UTF-8 filenames become weird characters both in the 'transfers' view and on the disk.
  000154931 Miscminorclosed2010-07-06aMule doesn't send correctly the URL to players on play files
  00016054   Misccrashclosed2010-07-04amule won't start ... see apple crash report
  00016101   Miscmajorclosed2010-07-04after reboot of system amule doesn't start
  000160911 Misccrashclosed2010-07-04In order: I configured amule; I closed amule; The system detects a bug
  00016081   Serverscrashclosed2010-07-04amuleweb crashed with SIGSEGV in CSocketSet::Detected()
  00016061   Misccrashclosed2010-07-04aMule crashes when network go down
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