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0000640aMuleFeature Requestpublic2005-11-03 23:012008-07-02 11:51
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Product Version2.0.3 
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Summary0000640: Add file type in file details windows
DescriptionIt would be nice to add the result of the "file" command on the part file in the file details window, it could be usefull to spot some fake-files (for example, sometimes I try to download isos but they are in fact movies, and that's too bad to download 700Mb for nothing when I could have seen before it was not an iso)
We could even imagine a more clever system which compare this output with the information given by the extension of the file and warn the user if these infos don't match
Additional Informationfile /mnt/big/Temp/002.part
/mnt/big/Temp/002.part: MP3 file with ID3 version 2.3.0 tag
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Xaignar (manager)
2005-11-04 00:20

Well, there's a problem with that request, in that it will only work on Mac and *nix, but probably not windows.
kubrick (reporter)
2005-11-04 11:39

And why should we suffer windows' inconvenients under linux? :)
Just don't compile it for windows...
Moreover ther is a way to have it under windows : we could have the "file" command compilied for cygwin, in conjonction with cygwin.dll, it could be realeased in a seperate package if the user wants it...
kubrick (reporter)
2005-11-04 13:54

A port for windows of the file command exists in apache (you cand find some info here : [^]) or maybe you should just use this package :, [^] there is some code in C, maybe you could use it...
Xaignar (manager)
2005-11-05 01:27

Our goal is a multiplatform client, which means that shooting yourself in the foot by depending on platform dependant features is not a good idea. Hence my unwillingness to add such dependancies.
pcmaster (reporter)
2005-11-05 11:25

The fact that it works in all platforms execet windows is not a reason for not implemment it.

In windows, is posible to show a n/a message.
kubrick (reporter)
2005-12-31 14:17

Isn't it possible to compile easyly the file utility with MinGW from the sources? [^]
This functionality would work for the users who have file.exe, and a N/A message for the others...

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