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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00005111   External Connminorresolved (lfroen)2005-12-09rename files from amulegui
  00004442   Misccrashresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09amule 2.0.1: problem with server list and crash
  00006311   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09Crash upon exit
  000067611 Misctweakresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09mouse wheel undesidered effect
  0000697    Sharedfilesfeatureresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09unified rename item
  0000695    External Connminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09broken link in Shared Files' context menu
  0000700    Feature Requestminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-08import tool window doesn't pop up when clicking the import button if it is already running
  00004661   Transferminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-08big status bar on gtk2
  0000696    Sharedfilesminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-08ranimg in transfers window doesn't update filename in shared files window
  00006851   Searchminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-05wrong search clear button disabling
  00006821   Searchminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-05clear doesn't clear exntended parameters and filtering
  00006881   Searchminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-05context menu inconsistency
  00003864   Multi Platformminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-03amule can be minimized twice
  00006791   Searchmajorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-0220051202: con't download from search
  00006731   Feature Requestminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-30"Add download into category" in right-click menu
  00006633   Miscmajorresolved (GonoszTopi)2005-11-30amuled does not set bandwidth limits simultaneously
  00006284   External Connminorresolved (lfroen)2005-11-27Content-Length sent by amuleweb is missing the last byte
  000066744 Sharedfilesmajorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-23aMule crashes while hashing a corrupted file
  000064311   Serverscrashresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-22aMule 2.0.3 crashes after a few minutes (btw 5 to 60 mn)
  00005996   Multi Platformminorresolved (Kry)2005-11-22About Chinese support
  00005376   Multi Platformmajorresolved (Kry)2005-11-22Sockets not deleted
  000066451 Miscmajorresolved (Kry)2005-11-22high cpu usage in statistics page
  00005621   External Connmajorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-21Windows: both aMuleCMDDLG and aMuleWebDLG fail to connect
  00006463   External Connmajorresolved (Kry)2005-11-19right click on transfer files randomly disabled
  00006613   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-18windows consistency
  00006594   Serversminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-18disconnect button might not disconnect kad and block it's function
  00006621   Utilitiescrashresolved (Kry)2005-11-17amulecmd crashes on invalid pause command
  00006484   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-16partially visible icons in buttons
  0000606102 Miscblockresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-1520051020 100% cpu usage after raising upload limit
  000065211 Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-1420051114 - Kad Statistics current average error
  00006531   Transfermajorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-14pause on a category tab pauses the current category
  00006541   Miscfeatureresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-14audio preview/open
  00005061   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-14aMule doesn't handle multiple sources given in ed2k link
  00001523   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-13Executing a command after finishing to download a file
  00004781   Messagesminorresolved (volpol)2005-11-13"Clients in Queue"-Number in Transfer Window does not get to zero
  00006501   Searchmajorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-13Search filter isn't disabled when disabling it (and in fact, filters null string)
  00006491   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-11Shortcut inconsistency
  00005793   Multi Platformmajorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-11Windows: amule kills itself when opening files > 2Gb
  00004583   Sharedfilesmajorresolved (Kry)2005-11-11Wrong gauge size on shared files control
  00005641   External Connminorresolved (Kry)2005-11-11can't reconnect to kad with amulecmd
  00005481   External Conntweakresolved (Kry)2005-11-11Most of AICH links don't work through EC
  00006451   Multi Platformminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-08amuled not linking librt on Solaris
  00006441   Transfertweakresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-07can't find sources
  00006391   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-04problem in
  00006371   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-0420051102 - Statistics update interval error
  00006382   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-0320051102 - a FATAL ERROR is printed to stdout without reason
  00006202   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-01shell variables are not passed to amuleweb
  00001651   Feature Requestminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-01User changable fonts.
  000063611 External Conncrashresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-01aMule crashes after a while -> no window content
  00004895   Messagesblockresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-01Infinite loop write the log "Error in CClientUDPSocket: 4"
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