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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00008393   External Connminorresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-14aMuleWeb cookies conflict with other apps' cookies.
  000123021 Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-14UPnP: memory leak?
  00011305   Sharedfilesmajorresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-14Big downloads make amule really busy (playing with itself)
  000118833 Searchmajorresolved (Kry)2008-01-13Tag list read/write cycle corrupts data
  000110693 Searchcrashresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-11aMule crashes and closes up when closing last or only searching tab
  000093251 Misctrivialresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-11--version argument request special CVS/SVN flag to print version
  00012362   Serverscrashresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-10amule crashes when I try to recover the server list
  00012054   External Conncrashresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06aMule core dump after a few minutes for every CVS release since 2.1.3
  00011041   External Connmajorresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06Crash when downloading a ipfilter.dat list
  00011931   Utilitiescrashresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06Crash when downloading ipfilter
  00012222   Messagescrashresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06Problem trying download list of servers
  000121221 External Conncrashresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06AMULE crashes when closing folders in search view or in messages view
  00012151   Searchcrashresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06cvs amule closes when last search tab is closed
  00012173   Searchcrashresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06Crash when click on closed button in searching panels
  00012281   External Conncrashresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06No way to start amule
  00012072   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06Keyboard events (DELETE, ARROW KEYS pressed) not managed in some list control
  000123221 Sharedfilesmajorresolved (Xaignar)2008-01-06Sometimes amule crash on start.
  00012001   Multi Platformminorresolved (Kry)2007-12-28_only_ F1 should display help
  000087871 Sharedfilescrashresolved (Xaignar)2007-12-27Amule crash CSeekFailureException over FAT32 networkdrive
  00008751   Serverstweakresolved (Xaignar)2007-12-25serverlist: sorting by version sorts alphabetically
  00011993   External Connminorresolved (Wuischke)2007-11-22amulecmd: search type is always GLOBAL (CVS 20071112)
  00011953   Utilitiesminorresolved (Wuischke)2007-11-18KAD searching broken in amulecmd
  00011411   Miscminorresolved (Wuischke)2007-07-13wxGTK 2.6 bug/amule does not compile with wxGTK 2.8
  00011371   Feature Requestminorresolved (Wuischke)2007-07-06Ctrl+A to select all elements in a list
  0001133    Miscminorresolved (Wuischke)2007-07-01suppress error message if skin/webserver folder not found
  000112212   Miscminorresolved (Wuischke)2007-06-24Over 1000 unnecessary wakeups a second
  0001123    Searchmajorresolved (Kry)2007-06-20No kad sources are ever found/used on Ubuntu
  00011201   Messagesminorresolved (Wuischke)2007-06-19change message when client UDP port = extended UDP
  00011183   Miscminorresolved (Wuischke)2007-06-19usage of unit KB instead of kB/kb
  00011281   Utilitiescrashresolved (Wuischke)2007-06-17the program close whenever the search results are cleared
  000112511 Searchcrashresolved (Wuischke)2007-06-14Search amule is closed
  00011111   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Wuischke)2007-05-29Add ogg vorbis codecs to search types video and audio
  00011001   Utilitiesminorresolved (Wuischke)2007-05-12Online Sign Frequency does not work...
  000110112 Preferencesmajorresolved (Kry)2007-05-12Language Settings Flaw
  00010772   Misccrashresolved (Wuischke)2007-05-07Crash on closing search tab
  00010924   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2007-05-03Compilation of amuled fails - wx/image.h: No such file or directory
  00010741   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2007-03-28unlegible tooltips
  00009981   External Connminorresolved (Kry)2007-02-04Cannot add link to download file > 4GB
  00010002   External Connblockresolved (Kry)2006-12-26aMuleGUI segfaults when trying to add a category
  000078093 Serversmajorresolved (Kry)2006-09-26Kad does not reconnect on loss
  00009541   Serversmajorresolved (GonoszTopi)2006-09-09amule now filters servers, not only connections
  000096311 External Connminorresolved (GonoszTopi)2006-09-09rpmbuild error
  0000962    Feature Requestfeatureresolved (GonoszTopi)2006-09-09don't display (0) when not downloading from source
  0000929    Multi Platformmajorresolved (GonoszTopi)2006-09-08configure: BUILD_CC uses CCs CFLAGS
  00009301   Multi Platformminorresolved (GonoszTopi)2006-09-08configure doesn't detect cross-compilation
  000093111 External Conncrashresolved (GonoszTopi)2006-09-08amuled crashes with segfault
  00009493   External Connminorresolved (Kry)2006-08-21Incorrect percentage displayed by amulecmd for files > 4Gb
  00009455   Sharedfilesmajorresolved (Kry)2006-08-14Shareddir.dat removed after starting amulegui
  000094031 External Conntrivialresolved (Kry)2006-08-13amuleweb Server-IP garbled
  00008672   External Conntextresolved (Kry)2006-06-11French traduction is uncorrect grammatically
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