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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00005481   External Conntweakresolved (Kry)2005-11-11Most of AICH links don't work through EC
  00006451   Multi Platformminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-08amuled not linking librt on Solaris
  00006441   Transfertweakresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-07can't find sources
  00006391   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-04problem in
  00006371   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-0420051102 - Statistics update interval error
  00006382   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-0320051102 - a FATAL ERROR is printed to stdout without reason
  00004895   Messagesblockresolved (Xaignar)2005-11-01Infinite loop write the log "Error in CClientUDPSocket: 4"
  00004032   Transferminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-10-31clear complete button, don't work
  00005743   External Connminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-10-31fake-check does not work on mac. one site is down.
  00006301   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2005-10-31Compilation fail with libgd2 when cas is not enable
  00004112   External Connminorresolved (Kry)2005-10-30HTTP Links are generated in a wrong way
  00006261   Feature Requestminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-10-29Support for .gz remote server list
  00004134   Feature Requestminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-10-29And the third button?? :)
  000061953 Miscmajorresolved (Kry)2005-10-29Latest CVS does not compile
  00005356   Transferminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-10-25Bad servers cause source-starvation for newly added files.
  00005811   External Conncrashresolved (Xaignar)2005-10-24aMule crashes after network connectio loss
  00005581   Transferminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-10-24sorting "time remaining" column doesn't sort sources
  00005685   External Connminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-10-24amulegui crash sometimes
  00001895   Feature Requesttrivialresolved (Xaignar)2005-10-24Type-to-select doesn't work
  00005297   External Conncrashresolved (Kry)2005-10-06amuleweb goes crash on login, amuled stop respond after couple minutes
  000053611   External Connfeatureresolved (Kry)2005-08-20Add option to specify listening address in amuled
  00005393   Miscmajorresolved (Kry)2005-08-18Unknown function GetToolPos
  0000500102 Misccrashresolved (Xaignar)2005-08-12aMule freezes
  000048614 External Connblockresolved (Xaignar)2005-08-11aMule doesn't compile caused by undefined reference to `CValueMap::~CValueMap()'
  00005261   Sharedfilesminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-08-11comments are not saved
  00005081   External Conncrashresolved (Xaignar)2005-08-11Fatal error, backtrace follows
  000040952 Messagesminorresolved (GonoszTopi)2005-08-11upload rate is always 0 in amulegui's title and status bar
  00003666   Sharedfilestextresolved (Xaignar)2005-08-10File comments popup in Shared files
  00005162   Searchcrashresolved (Kry)2005-08-01crash after repeated search
  0000507111 Miscmajorresolved (Kry)2005-07-29aMule 2.0.3 and previous versions fails to compile with gcc 4.0.1
  00005141   External Connminorresolved (Kry)2005-07-27Not all common file types recognized as Audio
  00004402   Utilitiesblockresolved (Xaignar)2005-07-15aMule 2.0.1 - 100% CPU usage continues in amuled
  00004307   Transferfeatureresolved (Kry)2005-07-15Sources order by priority/status
  00003771   Feature Requestminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-07-15Exclude downloading/shared files from search results
  00002221   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Xaignar)2005-07-15Provide a way to search and filter through returned search results.
  00000251   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Xaignar)2005-07-13The colors used in the chat-dialgs should be changable
  00004956   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-07-13IPFilter load issue
  00004941   Sharedfilesminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-07-05Clients with score zero stay in queue
  00004921   Utilitiesmajorresolved (Kry)2005-06-24aMule gui fails to compile when using wxMotif 2.6.1
  00003686   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2005-06-14Warn on rehashing for AICH.
  0000417    Miscminorresolved (volpol)2005-06-14Upload priority is changed for completed files.
  00004593   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (volpol)2005-06-13New filter non-paused/non-sttoped
  00004659   External Connmajorresolved (Kry)2005-06-04aMule does not always compute MD5 hashs correctly
  00004351   External Conncrashresolved (Kry)2005-05-26amule crashes
  00004422   Transferminorresolved (Kry)2005-05-26Sort by "Time Remaining" puts files which are not transferring first
  00004532   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Kry)2005-05-26Add option to export links with AICH hashes
  00004452   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Kry)2005-05-26Applet
  00004501   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2005-05-22configure with --enable-amulecmd > make error
  00004395   Misccrashresolved (Kry)2005-05-20Null pointers in ListenSocket.cpp
  00004382   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2005-05-19SetAllTimeTransfered() should be uint64 and not uint32
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