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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00010311   Miscminorassigned (GonoszTopi)2010-07-06Imported partfiles show erroneous compression gain
  0001434    GUIminorresolved (Kry)2010-07-06shared files: statistics: don't update when files removed from the selection
  000120181 Misctweakresolved (GonoszTopi)2010-07-06Auto-sort download queue causes problems on Mac
  00014918   Miscmajorresolved (GonoszTopi)2010-07-06UTF-8 filenames become weird characters both in the 'transfers' view and on the disk.
  00016071   Misccrashresolved (sturedman)2010-07-02aMule crash when you add a large (>1000) amount of file hash
  0001531121 GUItextresolved (sturedman)2010-06-23The font of the texts is very clear
  00014126   GUItextresolved (sturedman)2010-06-17Transfers Tab's Bottom Pane's title fails to update
  0001604    GUIminornew2010-05-25Minimize aMule to Tray does not work properly
  0001315    Preferencesfeatureresolved (GonoszTopi)2010-05-19Alloc full options not saved in non-monotlitihc case
  00014651   Miscminorresolved2010-05-19video player doesn't find file with a name wich contain space
  00015103   Miscminorresolved (Wuischke)2010-05-19Convert man files to UTF-8
  00015068   GUItweakresolved (sturedman)2010-05-18Larger friendlist
  00016031   GUIcrashresolved (Kry)2010-05-16aMule crashes when I click on a shared file which has accepted requests in session
  00014791   Sharedfilesminorresolved (GonoszTopi)2010-05-16can't rename files
  00014676   Feature Requestminorresolved (GonoszTopi)2010-05-16Enable rename of complete file
  00015349   Searchminorresolved (Marcell)2010-05-13when changing tab the search entry is overwritten
  00015991   Misccrashresolved (sturedman)2010-05-03crash on amule start time. this crash situation doesn't reappear.
  000159131 Multi Platformminorresolved (sturedman)2010-03-29On Windows XP, files with Unicode names are saved with mangled names
  0001594    Utilitiescrashnew2010-03-22When you import files. Part, the program quits
  00015931   GUIminornew2010-03-17errors continuously printed in the console
  000158831 Multi Platformminornew2010-03-07On the Mac verson, aMule crashes on lauch when Hebrew localization is running
  00015285   Feature Requesttweaknew2010-03-03Wider range of auto upload priorities
  0001587    Feature Requestminorassigned (sturedman)2010-02-21Unify details and comment dialogue in a tabbed mode
  000156131 GUIminorassigned (sturedman)2010-02-09Incorrect progress bar display
  00015861   External Connmajorresolved (sturedman)2010-02-06amuleweb search results are limited to 4G file size
  00015843   Searchfeaturenew2010-02-01New file types, please.
  00014047   Transfercrashresolved (sturedman)2010-01-30Crash in specific circumstances when remote peer behaves in specially crafted manner
  00015213   External Connminorassigned (GonoszTopi)2010-01-30amuleweb doesn't close TCP connection correctly.
  00015821   Misctrivialresolved (sturedman)2010-01-29typo in german translation
  00015811   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2010-01-29A Bug in sourcecode ServerSocket.cpp
  000135531 External Connminorresolved (Marcell)2010-01-28Compiled Failed If Flex Haven't --header-dir args
  0001533    GUIminornew2010-01-28Show/Hide Traybar menu command not working properly
  00012822   Feature Requestminorresolved (Marcell)2010-01-28Advanced IPfilter updater
  00015801   Miscfeatureacknowledged2010-01-24multiple ed2k links
  00015764   External Connmajorresolved (sturedman)2010-01-18Category deletion from amulegui not saved
  000157511 Messagestextresolved (sturedman)2010-01-05Typo in the German message window which shows up when you abort a download
  00015712   Feature Requestminorresolved (sturedman)2010-01-05Remember cancelled files between sessions.
  00015745   Transferminorresolved (sturedman)2010-01-03amulecmd: (null) in show dl
  000156862 Serverscrashnew2009-12-30amuled crash while using amulegui both running on the same machine (backtrace included)
  0001573    Miscblocknew2009-12-30No link clicked download
  00015702   Utilitiesminorresolved (sturedman)2009-12-28alcc prints links to stderr
  00015671   Utilitiescrashnew2009-12-26amuled crashed when I do certain operations
  00014621   External Connfeatureresolved (sturedman)2009-11-30amulegui does not process ED2KLinks
  0001564 1 Multi Platformcrashnew2009-11-30crashes in OS X
  0001560 1 GUIminornew2009-11-22Transfer column misalignment
  00015571   GUIminorresolved (sturedman)2009-11-22when renaming a file, the enter key executes cancel
  00015561   External Connblocknew2009-11-11Amuleweb doesn't get any search results
  00014894   GUIminornew2009-11-11Tray icon show/hide behaviour is un-intuitive
  000155031 Messagescrashnew2009-11-11Crashed the application in Fedora 11
  0001558    External Connminornew2009-10-24check firewall status button missing
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