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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00006573   Feature Requesttweakacknowledged2008-07-02move servers reset log button
  000134011 Miscminornew2008-06-22[amule-gui] Upon restart UL:DL statistics reset
  0001338    Miscminornew2008-06-17When use Web control panel,can't sort server list.
  00012627   External Connminorconfirmed2008-06-06Kad firewalled when only scrambled connections are accepted
  000126811 Utilitiesminoracknowledged2008-02-23mac os x package for amulegui not created
  00012261   External Connminoracknowledged2008-02-21Transferred, Completed and numeric Progress not update
  00012091   Transferblockacknowledged2008-02-17amule doesn't use all the brandwidth
  0001235    Searchmajoracknowledged2008-01-14"More button" disabled
  00010721   Miscminornew2007-03-22don't sort by "priority" for example when double clicking a file (no auto sort)
  0000966    Feature Requestfeaturenew2006-09-15Add 'Transfers' search tool
  0000843    Feature Requestfeaturenew2006-03-17Messaging while using amuled + amuleweb
  00006243   Feature Requestminoracknowledged2005-11-05amuleGUI should save window state.
  00004071   Feature Requestfeatureacknowledged2005-05-04https in webserver
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