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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001688    Multi Platformcrashnew2011-09-252.3.1rc2 crashes at start on macOS X Lion, both server and regular versions
  0001687    Serverstrivialnew2011-08-26 [^] is broken
  0001686    GUIcrashnew2011-08-23Amule GUI crashes when user removes a download
  0001685 1 External Connminornew2011-08-07Incorrect display in amuleweb
  0001684 1 External Conncrashnew2011-07-28Crash during connection
  0001682    Utilitiesminornew2011-07-23amuleweb can not access with text-based browser
  0001680    External Connminornew2011-07-15Non-ASCII caterogy name cannot be displayed in a combo box of web control
  000167832 Misccrashnew2011-07-07aMule crashes after few hours connected to Kad
  00014112   Messagesminorresolved (GonoszTopi)2011-06-19Bug in russian translation (options->kernel conf)
  00016752   External Connminornew2011-06-03amulecmd show dl cannot list Chinese characters
  00016731   GUIcrashclosed2011-05-24Amule crashes after some time
  000167221 External Conncrashresolved (sturedman)2011-05-22Assertion 'm_dataType == EC_TAGTYPE_UNKNOWN' failed. in amuleweb
  000167141 GUIcrashresolved (sturedman)2011-05-22Creation of ED2K links with source or crypt options broken with wx 2.9
  00016521   GUImajorclosed2011-05-20random SIGSEGV in amuleweb CProgressImage::CreateSpan
  00016693   Misccrashclosed2011-05-20Repeated crashes
  00016701   Multi Platformminorclosed2011-05-17Building against libupnp 1.8 fails
  00016671   Misctrivialresolved (sturedman)2011-05-15Inconsistent suffixes for backup files under ~/.aMule
  00016681   Misccrashclosed2011-05-15Error 24
  00014073   Preferencesminoracknowledged2011-04-27Use a default directory which is not hidden
  0001666    Miscminornew2011-04-27Setting bind address should also set request source address
  0001665    GUItrivialnew2011-04-26No tray icon in Ubuntu UNITY
  0001664 1 GUItrivialnew2011-04-26Resolution of main ICON is too low
  00016631   Utilitiesmajorclosed2011-04-23I get error while compiling source code.
  00006783   Feature Requestminorresolved (sturedman)2011-04-17Blacklist of hashes
  00015231   Feature Requesttrivialclosed2011-04-17Changing the name of a server in the "ED2K Server" list
  00014973   Preferencesminorresolved2011-04-17ipfilter failed to load
  00014001   GUIfeatureclosed2011-04-17provide category tree view for downloads
  000138745 GUIminorresolved (Kry)2011-04-17Sources are shown at the end of the download list
  00014601   Misccrashresolved2011-04-17random crash with no log report + Huge memory leak
  0001493 2 Transfercrashresolved (sturedman)2011-04-17aMule has started crashing randomly under CUpDownClient::SetDownloadState(true)
  00015152   External Connmajorresolved (Wuischke)2011-04-17aMule 'wxExecute()' Arbitrary Command Execution Vulnerability
  00016133   External Connminorresolved (sturedman)2011-04-17amulecmd search doesn't work
  00016233   Utilitiesmajorfeedback2011-04-17amuleweb unicode filenames
  000163531 GUIminorclosed2011-04-17icon
  00016621   Messagesminorresolved (sturedman)2011-04-17Fehlermeldung im a-mule Log unter den Netzwerken
  00016433   Misccrashclosed2011-04-12aMule crashes with "CAUGHT DEAD SOCKET IN SENDPACKET()
  000166133 GUIcrashclosed2011-04-09aMule SVN-10511 in lubuntu 10.10 crash
  0001660    Miscblockresolved (Kry)2011-04-05svn-10511: compile breaks: "no rule for target 'amule-win32.HOWTO.txt'"
  00016591   Messagestweakresolved (sturedman)2011-03-27svn 10492: confusing message in log about "CUpDownClient::Safe_Delete reflocker"
  00016571   Feature Requestminorclosed2011-03-24feature: open folder
  00016561   Preferencesminorclosed2011-03-24Preferences restored to default after the system goes down unexpectly.
  0001658    GUIminorresolved (sturedman)2011-03-24SVN rev. 10492: When refreshing the sahred files list, the active upload queue gets empty
  00016361   Messagestrivialresolved (GonoszTopi)2011-03-13one buggy message in the translation file of Chinese simplified
  00016401   Feature Requesttrivialclosed2011-03-09Columns
  00016307   External Connminoracknowledged (sturedman)2011-03-09amuleweb working as amuled child, die on url add
  00016531   Misccrashclosed2011-03-09amule-daemon crashes on start
  00016512   External Connminorresolved (sturedman)2011-03-09long url from amulecmd result in "Not a valid file link"
  000165411 Serverscrashresolved (sturedman)2011-03-09amuleweb crashes if file that is removed from library or downloads is still being uploaded
  00016551   Miscminorresolved (sturedman)2011-03-09small compilation issue with gcc (g++) 4.5.0
  0001650    Preferencestrivialnew2011-01-29Let amuleweb run without requesting user/password
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