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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00007972   Searchminorresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-24Glitches in extended search "Min size must be smaller than max size"
  0000754    Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-17Multiple-column sort for Uploads/Queue/Clients view
  0000755    Misctrivialresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-17Ascending/Descending sort order is not remembered per-column
  0000757    Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-17Multiple-column sort for Shared Files view
  0000762    Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-17Sorting sources in the Downloads view - by multiple columns
  00007888   Preferencestweakresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-17aMule does not create files with amule.conf/PermissionFiles value
  0000763    Misctrivialresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-17Sorting sources in the Downloads view - by Sources
  00007611   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-16Sorting sources in the Downloads view - A4AF
  000077319   Misccrashresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-16Unable to compile with gcc 4.0.2 (Gentoo Linux)
  00006033   Transfermajorresolved (Kry)2006-01-11amulegui segmentation fault.
  0000764    Transfermajorresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-07Cannot download new files (CVS tarball 2006/01/06)
  00007451   External Connminorresolved (Xaignar)2006-01-02remote gui: renaming files doesn't work
  00006892   Searchminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-27search stop button disabled when it shouldn't
  00007222   Searchmajorresolved (Kry)2005-12-27kad search with file type filter don't give any result
  0000721165 Serversmajorresolved (Kry)2005-12-23Broken Ping Stats on server listing
  000070114   Serversmajorresolved (Kry)2005-12-19amuled can not connect to servers
  00007241   Searchminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-17impossible to redownload completed files
  00007343   Preferencesminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-16non-restored icon in Directories -> share
  00007251   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-15gtk2/freebsd6: build fails; amule-gui.cpp missing header file X11/Xlib.h
  00007331   Searchminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-15download button activated when serach fails
  00007323   Searchminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-15more brackets related bugs
  00007281   External Conncrashresolved (Kry)2005-12-15amule hunging after clicking on launcher when one amule is running
  00005802   External Connminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-14can't search on kad with daemon
  00007292   External Connminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-14search query string parser
  00007302   Preferencesminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-14statistics connections graph Range requires restart
  00006981   Utilitiestrivialresolved (fulgas)2005-12-11wxCas does not allow aMule to update signature file
  00006662   Utilitiesminorresolved (fulgas)2005-12-11cas: truncated nicks
  00007181   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-11more systray ignoring kad
  00007191   Searchminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-11searches -> extended -> min size vs max size
  00007171   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-11systray mesage uncisistent
  00007161   External Connminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-11prefs -> seeds save, wrong text
  00007151   Preferencesminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-11prefs -> general -> "downloadlist dblclick to expand" option is broken or something
  00005134   Miscminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-11When a download finishes, a new one is resumed, but not from the same category
  000067011 External Connminorresolved (lfroen)2005-12-10AmuleWeb daemon crashes after clicking on Transfer
  00005951   External Connmajorresolved (GonoszTopi)2005-12-10amulegui locks on start up with ECSocket errors
  0000589    Utilitiesfeatureresolved (lfroen)2005-12-10Removing files with amulecmd
  00006711   Feature Requestminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-10open file on double-click
  00006912   Miscminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-09connect/disconnect button is still broken
  00004516   Miscmajorresolved (Kry)2005-12-09memory leak
  00006996   Utilitiescrashresolved (Kry)2005-12-09crash when imporin from the imoprer tool with non-writable Temp dir
  00006586   Serversminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-09connect/disconnect buttons ambiguous
  00007041   External Connminorresolved (Kry)2005-12-09servers connection cancel button
  0000647    Serversminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09missing scroll bar in ed2k/kad info
  00007111   Transferminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09Diffrent time to start downloading files with similar sources numer
  0000710    Transferminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09no expanded sources on completed files
  0000703    Messagesminorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09wierd behaviour when adding non-identified clients as friends
  0000604    External Connmajorresolved (lfroen)2005-12-09Amlegui cannot rename files.
  00005273   Utilitiesmajorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09Cannot connect through Amuleweb
  00004777   Transferminorresolved (volpol)2005-12-09If HD gets full, aMule can't resume unfinished download (now with free space)
  00004491   Transfermajorresolved (Xaignar)2005-12-09amuled: uploads stopping immediately
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