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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001342    Feature Requestfeatureacknowledged2008-07-10Features for the web interface
  0001334    Messagescrashresolved (Wuischke)2008-07-10A fatal error has occurred and aMule has crashed
  0001320    Misccrashassigned (phoenix)2008-07-10upnp crashes upnpd in my router
  0001318    External Connminorclosed2008-07-10Version 2.2
  00013241   Searchcrashclosed2008-07-10Search crash when closing last open tab
  00012183   External Conntweakresolved (Wuischke)2008-07-10Kad nodes.dat blanked to 4 bytes
  0001312    External Conncrashclosed2008-07-10crash in search window, related to gtk
  0001310    Misccrashclosed2008-07-10amule crash during startup
  00013012   Searchcrashclosed2008-07-10Crash when I close a search tab
  00012743   External Conncrashclosed2008-07-10aMule crashes when search-tab is closed
  0001303    Feature Requestfeatureacknowledged2008-07-10additionally to the number of total downloads display the number of active/waiting downloads
  00013001   Miscminorclosed2008-07-10do not procesinf file if size over 4G
  0001299    External Connminorassigned (Wuischke)2008-07-10Add emulecollection support for EC
  00012972   Serversmajorclosed2008-07-10can't connect anymore
  00012941   Utilitiesblockclosed2008-07-10cpu running at 100%
  0001292 1 Multi Platformminorclosed2008-07-10libwx and @executable_path
  0001291 1 Multi Platformminorclosed2008-07-10Mac : Icons disappear after click on
  00012521   Searchcrashclosed2008-07-10closing search window crashes aMule
  000128411 Misccrashclosed2008-07-10Amule crashes occasionally
  00010373   External Connminorfeedback2008-07-1020070109 "bind address" doesn't work correctly
  00012647   External Connmajorclosed2008-07-10amule does not start when libupnp2 package is installed
  000127611 Misccrashclosed2008-07-10Crash
  00012701   Miscminorclosed2008-07-10aMule's window does not show with 2 screens attached
  000127711 External Connblockclosed2008-07-10Lock Program
  00012781   Searchminorclosed2008-07-10im searching songs in hebrew and it doesnt find anthing while im searching in english it finds.
  00009511   Misccrashclosed2008-07-10amule close during night
  00009901   External Conncrashclosed2008-07-10crash
  00010731   Feature Requestmajorclosed2008-07-09Use of an highID peer as a bridge to connect two 2 low ID peers
  00010583   Miscblockclosed2008-07-09Vista file rights
  0001076    External Conncrashclosed2008-07-09Crash after some hours
  0001108    External Conncrashclosed2008-07-09crash amule
  000112611 Miscmajorclosed2008-07-09amulegui statusbar flashes repeatedly
  0001145    External Connminorclosed2008-07-09upnp uses wrong network interface
  00011361   Utilitiesmajorclosed2008-07-09Amuleweb defuncts when accesing Statistics graphics
  0001178    External Connminorclosed2008-07-09i cant connect to any server
  0001194    Feature Requestminorclosed2008-07-09protection from spam (block spammers)
  0001197 1 Misccrashclosed2008-07-09Crash with EXC_BAD_ACCESS at random times
  0001202    Transferminorclosed2008-07-09Average upload/transfer rate is wrong
  00009874   External Connmajorclosed2008-07-09Full CPU usage after a couple of minutes
  00012082   External Connminorclosed2008-07-09Very Slow EC communication between amuled and amulecmd
  0001213    Feature Requestfeatureclosed2008-07-09What about a bandwidth throttle?
  0001219    External Connmajorclosed2008-07-09amule kill network connection when trying to search files on Debian Etch
  0001221    Multi Platformmajorclosed2008-07-09no login amuleweb firefox macosx
  0001223    External Connminorclosed2008-07-09Preferences on amuleweb
  00007483   Transferminorclosed2008-07-09statistics connection graph is not scaled correctly
  0001231    External Conncrashclosed2008-07-09amuleweb hangs when clicking on graphs
  0001233    Utilitiesminorclosed2008-07-09amulecmd show negative number of sources
  00012341   Miscmajorclosed2008-07-09aMule stops downloading
  0001246    Feature Requesttweakclosed2008-07-09Save Upload Queue Wait Time (SUQWT)
  0001259 1 Multi Platformmajoracknowledged2008-07-09"preferences" button is not drawn at resolution 800x600 and less (as well as "import" and "about")
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