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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00008371   Miscminorclosed2008-07-09wrong error message when disk is full
  00007531   Feature Requestfeatureclosed2008-07-09Statistics page redesign
  0000824    External Connminorclosed2008-07-09amule remote gui initiates out of screen limits
  0000830    Utilitiestweakclosed2008-07-09option "from same category" does not work
  00008261   Searchmajorclosed2008-07-09search by type (archive, video, ...) does not work anymore
  0000835    External Connmajorclosed2008-07-09webgui 100% cpu usage
  0000765    External Connblockclosed2008-07-06amuleweb: 100% CPU when amule refuses the connection
  0000766    External Conncrashclosed2008-07-06Connect in amulewebserver cause crash of aMule
  00007673   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Wuischke)2008-07-06when ed2k connection is disabled, disable all ed2k specific gui stuff too
  00007832   External Connminorclosed2008-07-06search non functianal after one search
  00007812   Multi Platformminorclosed2008-07-06aMule 2.1.0 Mac-Version freezes after few minutes
  0000791    External Connmajorclosed2008-07-06amulegui: no updates after a time.
  0000799    Miscblockclosed2008-07-06aMule crash (blocks) after a few time of downloading
  00008112   Miscminorclosed2008-07-06connection problem
  0000819    External Conntrivialacknowledged2008-07-06remote gui doesn't rememer transfer list sort order
  0000823    External Conntweakclosed2008-07-06remote gui asks for disk in CD-Drive
  000099721 External Connminornew2008-07-06sources received for unknown file
  00013511   External Connmajornew2008-07-06Amuled/Amuleweb won't connect unless Autoconnect=1
  00013501   External Connminorclosed2008-07-06Amuled/Amuleweb won
  00013491   External Connmajornew2008-07-05Port 4662 trouble
  00008041   Messagescrashclosed2008-07-03aMule crashes on my OSx86 10.4.3 (Mac OS X 10.4.3 for Intel)
  0000750    Utilitiesmajorclosed2008-07-02cas -o causes segmentation fault
  00006406   Feature Requestfeatureclosed2008-07-02Add file type in file details windows
  0000742 1 Searchtweakclosed2008-07-02Searching everything i found max 20, 30 files.
  00007392   Miscminorclosed2008-07-02quits when debug notice appears after attempt to preview
  00007401   External Connmajorclosed2008-07-02when amuled's busy, amuleweb's op will result in "CECSocket error"
  00007121   Feature Requestminorclosed2008-07-02Keep comments when clients disconnect.
  00007022   Transferminorclosed2008-07-02two categories with same name?
  00004602   Messagesminorclosed2008-07-02Amule craches smb4k client
  00006573   Feature Requesttweakacknowledged2008-07-02move servers reset log button
  00006141   Feature Requestminorclosed2008-07-02Change the sort of the sorting (decreasing first)
  000036961 Miscminorclosed2008-07-02Metabug: Bad translated strings.
  0000634    Feature Requestfeatureclosed2008-07-02no login in webserver
  0000633    External Connfeatureclosed2008-07-02old webserver is started instead of php
  0000629    External Connminorclosed2008-07-02Login after logout in amuleweb fails
  00004311   External Connmajorclosed2008-07-02UI gets bocked when used in a DSL connection.
  0000559    Misccrashclosed2008-07-02can't bring it up from systray. crashes when i close it.
  00005932   Transfermajorclosed2008-07-02With amuled, the upper limit for bandwidth is not respected
  0000608    External Connmajorclosed2008-07-02amuleweb use 100% of CPU
  0000610    Feature Requestminorclosed2008-07-02Selecting the initial window
  0000498    Serversmajorclosed2008-07-02after a while, connection changes to low id
  0000503    Feature Requestfeatureclosed2008-07-02search queue for global search
  00005191   Transferminorclosed2008-07-02amuled shows wrong DL and connection values
  0000522    Misccrashclosed2008-07-02amuled crashes with fd > 1023
  00005092   Miscmajorclosed2008-07-02error 24: Too many open files
  0000547    External Connfeatureclosed2008-07-02remote gui always clears complete files
  00005501   Multi Platformmajorclosed2008-07-02Windows: cannot end thread when closing
  00005531   Multi Platformtrivialclosed2008-07-02Windows: blinking systray background
  0000552    Multi Platformfeatureclosed2008-07-02Windows: The systray has no speed bar
  00005511   Multi Platformminorclosed2008-07-02Windows: bugged systray window resotre
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